About Herb at Photo-Nest

I grew up and lived the first four decades of my life in the US, primarily in and around Chicago. I studied media arts at Northwestern University where I earned an MA. After military service which included a year in Vietnam in charge of photography for the US Army (see gallery of Vietnam war-time photos), I worked in radio and television production and later organized live events for audiences of more than 20,000 people all over the world.

I have taught at three major universities and conduct executive coaching, training and facilitation for many of the world's leading companies. Since 1988 I have lived in a suburb of Munich, Germany. My work gives me the opportunity to travel, as does my family which is based in the American Midwest.

But photography is a passion I pursue whenever time permits. So I photograph the places where I live and visit, the magnificent nature around us, the events which enrich our lives and the people I meet...

... most of all the fascinating people.

Photo by Ian Arridge